Cha, Cha, Change

I quit my job a year ago to take a giant leap of faith and return to college after 20 years.  I had goals lined out from A to Z….I’m a list maker and had everything written down.

I would go to the local community college for a year of prerequisites and then enroll in the Nursing Program of said community college.  I would pay for everything out of pocket and own nothing at the end of my college career.

I have only 2 prereq’s left and will be eligible for the Nursing Program.

But not so fast.  The tiny community college only lets 60 people into their program and I have been notified that it will be Fall of……what? 2016 before I can rank to enroll.  They simply do not have enough spots. That means I will be out of school for 1 year and 9 months before I could start their program.

I love when you have everything laid out and God decides to show you that He has even bigger and better plans for you, but it may take a bit more effort on your part.

I have decided to take the entire year of 2015 to take an abundance of prereq’s for a BSN program.  I will finish ALL prereq’s required for both a BSN and for Nursing at the end of the year.  In September, I will apply to

I will then start their nursing program in Spring 2016 🙂

Never in a million years did I think I would go to a University and obtain my Bachelor’s Degree.  I guess I figured I was just too old to achieve so much.  But seems God has shown me that He has bigger plans for me than I planned out.  (He’s great that way)  I will start the Nursing Program at the University when I am 42 and will graduate with a BSN as a Registered Nurse when I am 44.

Goes to show that as long as you are breathing, you are living.  Never, ever think you are too old to make a difference or to achieve new goals.  Don’t ever limit yourself.  God just might show up and prove you are wrong and capable of oh so much more!

Happy New Year!