No sugar New Year!

I am not a new year’s resolution kind of girl.  I believe every single day is a new day….a day to right your wrongs…a day to start fresh….a day to decide to start fresh….each day is an opportunity to do anything you want, need, have to do…..each day is a day to make the best out of the short life you have.

Today is day 106 for me!  I have not eaten ANY sweets in 106 days!  In the past 106 days, I have experienced Halloween, Thanksgiving, my 18th wedding anniversary, Christmas, New Years and many gatherings that were full of sweets.  And yet I have remained steadfast.

My motto:  Don’t put anything in your mouth to satisfy your sweet tooth other than fruit.  Nothing.

I have completely 100% omitted artificial sweeteners.  Those are bad for you anyway, so why toxify your body with them? I no longer drink any sweeteners in my coffee….who knew that was even possible!!!!  I just have 2% milk and coffee.  And it’s actually good.

I have no words for how much better I feel.  I wake up more alert, I have more energy, the “fog” is gone.  I no longer have a 4pm energy surge, my head feels clearer, and my digestive system loves me.

Can you do it? Can you go without any sweets for 30 days?  The first 4 days are the hardest because you have to detoxify your body from the addictive sugar.  Sugar; more addictive than cocaine!!

I dare you.  Not because it’s New Years.  But because you want to.

Keep me posted and let me know how you do.  If you need support, message me.  It’s awesome and feels so free to no longer be addicted to something I couldn’t live without.  And…..I’ve lost 15 pounds!!!


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