Happy Dance


I have the best A&P I instructor ever!  He gave us our Final Grades after our exam!

I made a 100 on my Lab Final and a 96 on my Lecture Final! Overall, I made a 97 in the class!  Woohoo!  Doin a Happy Dance like it’s no ones business! Life is good!

Last day of school was Tuesday and I haven’t stopped even once.  I have been making picture frames and such.  Money is super tight with me not working and being a one income family….put Christmas on top of that and we are over the top on monthly expenses…..but God always provides and this month is no exception!

I have received a whole lot of orders for frames and wooden projects.  I’ve been painting and putting stuff together since Tuesday afternoon.  I am so excited to be able to contribute to the bank account for once in a very long time!  The highlight of my day yesterday was going to Costco and picking up a huge thing of toilet paper and paper towels…..oh the things we take for granted when we have a regular source of income.

I am freaking out just a little because I paid for and set a date for my NLN exam.  I think I will start studying for it starting Monday.  That way I won’t feel overly rushed and I can go subject by subject.  Really wish the whole thing was on Quizlet so I could study, study, study flash card style.

Last night, Reece (my 10 month old  grandson) stayed the night.  His daddy got to go to a very surprise concert to see Garth Brooks!!  Totally a win-win for me!  Hubby and I (Pops and DeeDee to Reece) got to have playtime, dinnertime and bath time with Reece.  He slept all night long (12 hours!) and woke up playful and smiling :o) I sure do love that little boy … even in spite of the 2 dirty diapers he has blessed me with today.  He is down for nap time (9am sharp) and hopefully will rest for about 2 hours.  Then his mommy will pick him up and take him to her office Christmas Party where he will be smothered with sweet kisses and big hugs!

Then its more projects for me!  Until then, I need to jump in the shower while Reece sleeps!!  He is a handful these days.  Not quite walking yet, but climbing on everything and curious about the entire huge world.

Happy Friday!  Have an awesome day!


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