Finals Week

Hello lovely people of the world!  It has been a little bit since my last post.  We have gotten into the comprehensive meat of the subject matter and I have been studying an enormous amount of time.

It seems like yesterday that this semester started.  This is the first time a semester has flown by for me…..maybe it’s because I really enjoy the subject matter.  I went to the school library yesterday to study with my classmates and as I was leaving, I found myself feeling accomplished.  I smiled to no one but myself as I walked across the parking lot to my car with a spring in my step.  This semester is almost over.  One lecture final and one lab final to go.  Then I get a few weeks off to enjoy life and people until it all starts over again…..and probably a bit more hectic since I’m taking microbiology.

I would like to go ahead and take the entrance exam for the nursing program that starts next Fall.  I need to order the study book and set up an appt to take the exam.  I am super nervous and yet excited at the same time.  There is no guarantee I will get selected especially since I haven’t finished all of my sciences before test time.  I have an awesome GPA and I have finished 1 science… the time the Fall program starts, I will have finished all my sciences….but not before the entrance exam…and we are ranked by our GPA, our sciences completed, and our grade on the entrance exam.

I think I will go ahead and take it anyway, hope that my GP will put me into the higher ranking, and pray I am selected into the program.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  I send you all a Happy Thanksgiving wish!  Enjoy the day and count your blessings.  May you eat lots of food and take a very long nap!

Blessings to you all.


4 thoughts on “Finals Week

  1. I did not realize you too were an aspiring nursing student!! That is great. Good Luck and I hope you get into the program. I too put in my application when I had finished all but one class. Best of luck for the finals week to you and to me as well 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I have been studying so much since last week. I have no life! LOL I got my NLN study bok in the mail on Friday. Will start studying for the entrance exam after my final on tuesday. Did you have to take an entrance exam? Was it brutal?

      1. I did not have to take an entrance exam. We had a points system, they gave us points and the better you scored in Science classes, the more points you got, stuff like that. I did have to take the TEAS though. Good luck! When do you plan on taking it?

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