Go for Broke

I feel like I am sometimes living a bitter sweet, double edged dream.  I love college…learning all the amazing things about the human body and having so many new experiences.  I seriously thought since I was 40 when I returned to college, I wouldn’t be able to learn many new things and I’d do good with a C.  I have learned that I’m actually an exceptional student and I make A’s.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d be a smart college student.

But let me tell you….It certainly does not come naturally.  I study almost every waking hour that I’m not in class.  I quit my job in December and I haven’t looked back.  This entire year has been college focused and I’ve loved every minute of it.  After being in the work force for 20+ years….man, it’s so nice to be away from grumpy people and drama, drama, drama.

The downside?  I’m broke.  Normally by October 1, I have all my Christmas presents bought and wrapped.  But this year, I have only purchased 3 things.  I am dreading presents this year.  We barely have enough income to pay our bills, buy gas, and purchase groceries.  There is nothing left at the end of the month.  Nada.  I just want to skip presents for the next 3 years and then start gift giving once I’m finally working again.  This whole “not having money” thing is for the birds.

I was able to get some scrap wood from some neighbors and have made some reclaimed wood picture frames.  I will give some of those for Christmas gifts.  Other than that, I will probably make some candy and cookies to hand out as gifts.  I think I can find some little gift boxes on sale at Hobby Lobby.

Being broke really does help bring the focus back to Christ at Christmas.  It really isn’t about the gifts.  It’s about Christ being born into this world as our Savior.  And so, with that, I will choose not to focus on being broke, but rather being the richest girl in the world because Christ has come.

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