Recently I have had several times that I could have been discouraged.

My husband had a procedure last week and while he was in recovery, I was talking to his male nurse (RN). He said nurses are a dime a dozen, there is no longer a shortage, and finding a good job in nursing is difficult.

I live in Memphis, TN. Home of some of the best hospitals out there. We have St. Jude, The Regional Medical Center, Lebonheur Children’s Hospital….not to mention several Methodist Hospitals, St. Francis Hospitals and Baptist Memorial Hospital.

I am a glass is full kind of person. I don’t choose to focus on the negative….there are too many people out there that do that for me already.

At first, when the nurse told me that nurses are a dime a dozen, I felt a little deflated. I am working super hard in school and I love every minute of it. So far, I have made great grades and stayed focused on my studies and pretty much given up any social life with family or friends that existed before January.  So, why would this guy want to deflate me?

The conversation I had with said male nurse makes me wonder if he is a little burned out and in need of a break. It reminded me to always encourage people to follow their dreams and to NOT blow their candle out. It takes people so long to finally determine what they want to do with their lives….look at me….I’m 41 and in college pursuing a dream. So, I heartily appreciate the reminder to encourage others, cheer them on, and support them in whatever endeavor it is they have chosen as their life’s mission. I will not blow their candle out and send their dreams into darkness. I will help them, motivate them and send them well wishes. After all, one day I will be a nurse. I have a heart full of compassion and a love for humankind. I want to help people and to inspire people.

Blessings :O)

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  1. Don’t get caught up in other people’s personal experiences with nursing! It’s all subjective. Nurses will always be needed, because we can work in so many different environments. I find that the nurses I work with in my clinicals can sometimes have a negative effect on my thoughts. Keep working hard and stay focused on what you want to achieve. You’ll find your place when it’s time 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the encouragement. I’ve never understood why people would want to affect others negatively. I hope you are able to think happy thoughts, stay upbeat and positive despite any negative surroundings you encounter.

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