I’ve been listening to students and teachers talking about nursing pre-reqs, nursing school, and being a nurse.  One of the things I keep hearing, but no one ever seems to respond to, is that what you do while you are in school to gain experience matters!

One day, in my not too distant future (I pray!), I will be accepted into a nursing program.  I figure I should be able to start the nursing program in about a year, Fall 2015, after I’m finished with all my sciences.  What will I do for the next year while I’m in school to be able to gain some experience?

I decided to check out some volunteer opportunities!!


I contacted Methodist Hospital and filled out an application.  I’m so excited because they called me today to confirm approval for a background check.  I should hear from the hospital I chose in the next few days.  I pretty much have Friday’s free, so think I will volunteer my Friday’s for the rest of this semester and then see what my schedule is next semester and plan accordingly.

I’m super excited to be able to help people and make a difference; as well as getting my feet wet in a hospital setting.

Why do I want to be a nurse?

Apparently I have to write a paper and submit my answer to that question with my nursing program application.  How do I put into words what I feel in my heart and soul?  I love people.  I love giving people my best.  I love making a difference in someone’s life especially when they need someone to make a difference.  I have unfortunately had several surgeries in my lifetime.  I’ve learned a lot of how a really good nurse can completely change your entire experience.  I had popliteal entrapment syndrome and had to have a large part of my gastronomic muscle removed.  It was literally the most painful experience of my entire life.

IMG_4710   IMG_4733

There is no way I could have gone through that kind of pain without a super fabulous nurse.  I had the best ever.  The night shift nurses were definitely more humorous, compassionate and patient.  They would come in and just chat with me for 15-20 minutes in the middle of the night.  They didn’t just come check on me at the assigned times….they came to visit.  Of course, I did have an extremely unique type of surgery, and I gave them each a box of girl scout cookies….Plus I never ask for anything, so I’m sure all those factors come into play.

Nevertheless, I am very much a positive and glass is full type of person.  I pray I am able to make a huge difference, and to give people the best of me.

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