“I try to procrastinate, if I can, productively,
like I’ll work on something else as procrastination.
Or I take a walk.
Because often I find,
if you get out,
more things come to you.
Boy! Isn’t that the truth! 
I have an exam coming up in 4 days.  It’s a lab exam.  We have 50 questions and are timed.  We have no more and no less than 1 minute per question.  We are covering 3 things.  Sounds easy, right?!?!?!  Well, not so fast….haha  There is always more to the story.
The test requires the following:
  • Diagram a microscope and identify ALL the parts
  • Know ALL the muscles…..and their origin, insertion, and action (where are they and what do they do)
  • Identify each tissue and all the structures within the tissues

Whew!  See, that’s a lot of info to store in the brain!  I have studied for most of the day for the past 4 days.  I pretty much know all the muscles and their info.  I think I lack like 2 actions.  I will get it soon. And the microscope is almost memorized.  The tissue, I can identify, the structures….well I really need to study.

In addition, I have a 3 hour lecture class every Tuesday and things are really getting a lot more comprehensive.  So, I need to type up my lecture notes and be ready for class on Tuesday, so I have an understanding of everything covered so far and don’t fall behind.

I say all this to say… is Sunday and I’m feeling unmotivated.  Really unmotivated.  We started our day our by serving as leaders with our Guest Services team at church.  We got to church at 7:45am and had fun with Guest Services until about 10:30am.  Then we attended the 2nd service at church as part of the congregation.  I LOVE our church home.  Then after church, we met up with some very good friends and went to lunch and had some really great conversations.  Then we came home.  Last night was our first frost of the year and it was like 30 degrees when we woke up.  So I came home from church and threw on my fleece PJ’s and hit the couch.  Football is on and I sat down to start typing up my lecture notes.  THREE hours later, I have pinned several things on pinterest, I have played ball with the dogs….

IMG_4622I mean, who could resist those girls!?!?!?  I certainly could not.  I have also watched some football, applied coconut oil to my chapped lips and that’s pretty much it….

I was considering starting to type up lecture notes and then it occurred to me that you may also be having a problem procrastinating….So I had to type up this blog post to get me motivated and help me realize the multitude of information I really need to know within 3 days.  And I don’t want to just memorize it, I want to know it.  I want to be informed of all the anatomy and stuff when the day comes that I get accepted into the nursing program.  So with that….let’s stop procrastinating and let’s get busy.  Make a TO DO list and pick somewhere to start.

Here’s mine:

  • Review Notes
  • Review muscles, etc and say them out loud….have hubby test me
  • Study microscope diagram
  • Label blank microscope diagram
  • Review Tissues
  • Learn tissue structures
  • Go to school library tomorrow, meet study group and go over tissues
  • Type up lecture notes before Tuesday, email to study group
  • Type all lecture notes in Q & A format into Quizlet

Well, I don’t know about you, but that was quite motivational for me to be able to list everything and know what all is a priority for my schedule right now.  I’m signing off and going to listen to the rest of lecture and type up all my notes.  I’ll be sure to follow up later to see how ya’ll did and to let ya know what I make on the test!  Time to get started….. 

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